20 Riverside

Seattle music

About the Artist

From: Seattle, Washington United States

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Formed in Everett Washington (25 miles north of Seattle) in the spring of 2008. Founding members Aron Glidden, Dustin Haggerty and Dave Luxmore, met several years earlier while riding Sound Transit’s 20 Riverside bus route that ran past each of their houses. During the fall of 2008 they had recruited 3 more band members; Ian Plagmann, Eli Davidson, and James D. Orr. They became fast friends and formed what is now 20 Riverside. What started as a few friends who occasionally came together for jam and music writing sessions, transformed the 6 friends into a working, and recording band. Their blend of culturally poignant song writing, driving rhythms, melodic melodies, outspoken raps, and funkified horns come together to create an Americano spiced stew of sound that defies categorization, removes boundaries, and dares to travel down an un-charted path that flows into a sea of sound. So climb aboard, fasten your seat belt and take a ride with 20 Riverside!