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About the Artist

From: Phoenix, Arizona United States

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Adalaus is a three-piece alternative rock band based out of Phoenix, Arizona, with roots that reach as far as Georgia and Virginia. Since 2007, Adalaus has been compelled by a relentless desire to make noise and escape the rigorous boredom of civility. Clay is the voice with 12 strings of guitar, Lucas is 5 strings of bass, and Evan is a battery of drums. Various musical genres that are appreciated by and have influenced the bands members include metal, jazz, classical, world beats and rock.

Due to lack of any musical instruction between the guitarists of Adalaus, ability is counter-balanced by using as many strings as can be afforded. It can only be hoped that historians will someday recognize this band as the founder of the “What Does This String Do?” approach to songwriting. Fortunately, the percussionist’s musical education supercedes and need for gratuitous drum kit.

Most of the songs composed by Adalaus begin as a pile of riffs and words that are painfully developed using a series of primal grunts between musicians while they point at each other’s frets and drums, shake their fists in the air, and try to find out where the sound comes from.

Among the few who have heard of Adalaus, there is much debate over the etymology and pronunciation of the band’s name. We will end this dispute now by ensuring you that the word Adalaus is itself phonetically exempt and devoid of meaning. All existential solicitation is solely expressed in the music, and every sound Adalaus makes is merely an attempt to convey the dynamics of perception and philosophy that words alone cannot express.