Altered Music

About the Artist

From: Athens, Ohio United States

Website: Visit Altered's Website

Altered, an Atwood Original band, emerged from the depths of a basement to play their first show together in 2007. As most bands come across, things weren’t perfect. Two players were lost… The lead guitarist and the bassist would soon be replaced. Left remaining were three charismatic, music loving, and fun-hearted guys.

  • Alexander (Rhythm Guitar)
  • Cage (Vocals)
  • Reese (Drums)

After two agonizing and painstaking years of searching, another Altered Original came to be

  • Zambini (Lead Guitar)

The search continued for a Bassist. A couple of guys tried to fill the spot but neither prevailed… Then it happened. The band found a drummer, unhappy where he was, looking to try something new. Low and behold, he would be the next Altered Original.

  • Dakota (Bass)

Now, in 2010, the band has gone cross-country to Cali and back, hoping for some great experiences and recognition the band deserves. The Altered Originals plan to make a big break or die trying! They have played for up to 4000 people and want to keep going!