About the Artist

From: Boston, Massachusetts United States

Website: Visit Amulus's Website

Amulus is a genre-bending improvisational rock band based out of New Hampshire that continues to turn heads as they strive to make each live show a unique experience for their fans and friends. The band creates a unique sound that contains rock, funk, and reggae blended with bits of classical, bluegrass, latin, trance, and metal. Named after one of the characters in their song’s ongoing fantasy storyline, Amulus is interested in originality and dedicated to providing a full experience to the audience and fans. ! !

The band was formed in 2011 by bassist Ryan McCarthy, guitarist Andrew Emerson, and drummer Zack ‘Plu’ Stein as a trio named StringTheory. Guitarist Nate Weaver and organist Max Chase joined the band shortly after and while leaving their former band name behind, Amulus has their sights set on the future. Live recordings are available for free on the internet and the release of their first full-length studio album is set for late 2014.