Apathe Music

About the Artist

From: Minneapolis, Minnesota United States

Website: Visit Apathe's Website

Austin Paolillo (Vocal/Guitar)
In 2005, Austin, being the founder of the group, started his musical career gigging and progressing further and further to what is now known as Apathe.

Rob Knacke (Guitar)
Once called “the Reptile”, because of his reputation of scale multitude. Not one to be messed with, he busts out crazy licks, killer riffs, awesome solos, and ladies, he is, as of recently, single! Rob’s usual taste for metal combined with his lust for melodies makes him a major driving force of Apathe.

Jon Knacke (Bass)
Hailing from Groove Street, this recent college grad is trying to rock his way out of tuition debt. His classic rock/modern style keep heads bobbing all night.

Fred Anderson (Drums)
A godsend on drums, 14 years of polish could make you almost as good. Not!!! This is the real deal, Son!!

Dustin Christensen (Guitar)
New to music entirely, Dustin Christensen has a fresh taste for what we call modern rock goodness. When not playing, he excitedly will jump off the stage, into the crowd and mosh the crowd dirty!