Artherius Johnson

Artherius Johnson

About the Artist

From: Baltimore, Maryland United States

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Baltimore’s smoothest space cadets boarded the UFO about 10 years ago. Since that time we’ve traveled the skies entertaining all minds & ears within reach of our psychedelic tractor beam. A unique blend of sounds is what we emit. Psychedelic Soul is the label assigned. We make you feel happy ’cause that’s what we do.

Comprised of local spacemen, Billy Loverocket (lead guitar), LA (Laurence Hurst – vocals, rhythm guitar), Jonathan Chester (drums) & Damien Bethel (bass). The 4 piece has been bringing smiles to faces all across the land. The Loverocket is the primary songwriter, circus ringleader & all around outstanding astronaut. LA is a local painter who works for the Howard County African American Culture Center in Maryland. In addition to this position LA has been an independent painter throughout his time on the planet. Jonathan Chester teaches the art of the skins in his spare time. Mr. Bethel is the newest member to the collective & his specialty is still being determined.

We play a mix of funk, soul & rock which we affectionately call Psychedelic Soul. It is a mix of old & new with a fresh spin. Think of time traveling back to the 60s with some modern flourishes. We’ve been called Jimi Hendrix meets Sly Stone meets the Grateful Dead. Led Zeppelin meets Sublime meets Mercury Rev. Lots of comparisons have been thrown our way but what we do is distinctly original and has its own flavor.

We are Artherius Johnson space travelers extraordinaire.