Seattle music

About the Artist

From: Seattle, Washington United States

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We are from the beautiful northwest city of Seattle. From the start: Lewis Kizanis self-produced a solo project called “Destinations” from his home in 2006/07 under the name LT. Grace. At the end of recording, long-time friend, Tyler Hewett, got on board and a few months later, the two recruited locally seasoned musican, Dustin Wooldridge, who has played drums, piano, and guitar in a handful of bands. To their quiet neighbors dissatisfaction, the three began playing out of their garage attracting police more than a few times. Luckily the law liked what they heard. Oskar Bucher, from Oregon, joined in late Summer 2008, and the band became AudioArt. In the Fall of 2008 we recorded our demo and hit the Seattle and Eastside circuit playing shows and meeting all sorts of talented musicians and sound engineers. All four of us have the spirit and commitment to endure the challenges and rewards making music brings. We hope you lend us your time and let us in your ears.