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From: Vancouver, Washington United States

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Drawing from the alternative, power pop and indie rock of the early nineties, Beautiful Lies formed in 2006 as a product of brothers Nick and Zach McLean with friends at the Berklee College of Music. The band is notorious for its exciting live shows and yearly releases, having been reviewed as “bringing the Alt/Indie/Rock and bringing it hard.”

In 2006, the band released their first recording The Acoustic EP. The following year saw the full-length debut of Words Are All We Have, which featured an eclectic mix of alternative pop and indie songs, including “Cold,” “All Because of You,” and “Stay Away.” After its local success, Beautiful Lies crossed international waters in spring of 2008 to tour Europe, featuring shows in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Denmark, and Slovenia. The band soon found themselves writing new material and recording their next album.

Due to popular demand, Beautiful Lies released The Untitled EP in the winter of 2008 as a download on their own website where fans could purchase for as little or as much money as they wanted. The band called it “a gift from us to the fans for all their support over the past few years.” From their local support to their overseas fanbase, the band has built an incredible international community in just a few years. Beautiful Lies completed their long-awaited sophomore album titled Yeah, Finally, released independently in America and on StarGazer Records in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in June 2009.

“If there is one thing to be said about Beautiful Lies’ album, Yeah, Finally, it is fun to listen to. The indie, powerpop quartet combines a great musical sensibility with edgy lyrics… Overall, excellent album!” – LooseyLucy’s

In early 2010, the brothers relocated to Portland, OR and began mixing acoustic and electric sets into their live shows. Continuing to work with multi-instrumentalists and additional musicians, the band has been diversifying its sound further through concerts and new recordings.