Boston and Bosco

boston and bosco

About the Artist

From: Boston, Massachusetts United States

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Take rock back to the 70’s. That’s when it was raw and you could find a head banging bassist, or a rock solid drummer with feel. Guitarists were schooled in music history and the singer, spot on. And the sound…I don’t want the PA system to supply the sound; I want a melting amplifier with tubes screaming in the tubes. You’d learn about life if you could hear the lyrics through the pounding beats. Did she just say that? Yes, she did.

Boston & Bosco is that band, that’s why they earned the 2009 title of “The Best of IMF for Most Energy – Best Stage Performance”. They will keep making albums that compel you to dance and learn and love. While they do it, they’ll give you a warm feeling in your pants as you recognize that good ‘ol rock and roll sound. Who are they? Introductions: Boston Catalano on guitar and lead vocals, Luke Brech on drums, Spencer Payson on bass, and Medeiros on guitar and keys.

If the fans didn’t like it, they wouldn’t dance so much. Instead of a few hours of “I can’t get that song out of my head”, Boston & Bosco drive you to mental dance insanity for days while not going on about repetitive, endless bullshit. Their music is from the heart, bridging the gap between unforgettable dance rock grooves with the soulfulness of singer-songwriter insight. These guys, my friend, are the ones to watch.