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About the Artist

From: Nashville, Tennessee United States

Website: Visit Britten's Website

Upon first glance, you don’t really see Britten coming. On the surface, he’s cute; he’s soft-spoken, and, he’s about as nice as they come. And, being that he’s from music city, when he tells you that he’s a “singer/songwriter”, that doesn’t really surprise you either. There are a ton of country and contemporary Christian musicians roaming the streets with a guitar on their backs. But once he takes to the stage, with his smooth vocals and remarkable range, all assumptions are out the door. In one word, Britten is “soulful”. He can’t help it. Since birth, thanks to his father, his down-home country surroundings have been filled with the sounds of Motown legends like Steve Wonder and the Jackson Five and Memphis icons like Al Green. Although Britten is currently working on a project with the help of Grammy-winning producers and personal mentors, Shannon Sanders and Drew Ramsey (“we’re like country cousins”), ironically one of his dreams is to someday share a Rolling Stone cover with men like Mayer and Thicke, showing that a white man with soul (“anytime you write from your heart, it’s a soulful experience”) is not a gimmick. For many, it’s a way of life. “I am tired of people trying to label me and put me in a box,” he says. “I am not interested in breaking the mold of being a white guy who does soul music. I just want to do good music. There’s no color, timeline or genre to that, and I aim to prove that theory with every song that I write and sing.” Britten is proud to represent Nashville in the International Music Festival.