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From: Georgia United States

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Buy Wag was born in Summer of 2006 in Atlanta GA with band founder and songwriter Patrick Duvel. The band evolved musically and went through a slew of changes over the years, playing several shows between 2007 and 2008 while undergoing a shuffle in the line up. The band split up and became a studio project for a year but re-emerged after Patrick’s other band Noise For My Muse went on hiatus. The band was resurrected in August 2009 when Octavio Colunga (bass) joined Patrick, followed shortly by Alan Gamez (keys). The search for a drummer led to Thomas Scott, who filled in until a permanent member could be found. Shortly thereafter, Matthew Scott stepped up to the commitment, and is now the permanent Buy Wag drummer. Meanwhile, the search for a second guitarist led to Dustin Ireland. Unfortunately, in April 2010 Buy Wag parted ways with Alan and Octavio for both personal and professional reasons. Nevertheless, the band has continued to play shows and write new songs, and is very close to releasing its first ever music video and debut album. The current Buy Wag line-up consists of Patrick Duvel (guitar, vocals), Matthew Scott (drums), and Dustin Ireland (guitar).