Chizzie The Healer

About the Artist

From: Providence, Rhode Island United States

Website: Visit Chizzie The Healer's Website

Chizzie The Healer is a multi-talented, cross-genre singer, songwriter and alol out entertainer. Chizzie born Chizzie Johnson in New Haven, Connecticut September 28, 1985 has been writing and performing as long as she can remember. Chizzie took the stage in 1991 for the first time appearing as little bush deer in a first grade play. It was then that she fell in love with the stage.

In years to come she was a member of Michael Bolton’s New Haven, Connecticut chapter of the City Kid’s Repertory Company where she acted in the capacity of co-dance captain, playwright and actress as well as a member of the vocal ensemble. During this time Chizzie also studied formal dance at Dancers Gallery Studio located in Woodbridge, Connecticut where she studied tap, jazz, and ballet for five years.

In 2003 Chizzie The Healer attended college at Hampton University where she studied Psychology and received a bachelors of arts for her field of study. During this time Chizzie The Healer stayed active both on and off stage. Off the stage as a member of the Hampton University Students Helping Mentor Program Amethyst decided that basic after school tutoring and mentoring was not enough for the community being served. As a result she founded an additional mentoring program for young women in at risk communities. She served youth ranging from middle school through the university level. In the classroom Chizzie continued dance training taking courses in modern dance, jazz, and physical conditioning.

On stage Chizzie served as the lead singer of a 8 piece hip hop/ jazz band. In the spring of 2006 the band started their own open mic SoapBox, VA where Chizzie acted not only as the bands vocalist but as the host of the event. In the fall of 2006 Chizzie parted ways with her band members to travel and study abroad in Barcelona, Spain where she lived for four and a half months. She used this time to begin making her name in the international music scene. It was in Barcelona that she met up with French DJ and producer Fred Spider of Plein Gas Entertainment and the Color Blind All Stars. The two recorded singles such as Simply Amazing and Ode to the Earth which caught the ears of various German jazz labels.

In 2009/2010 while working on her music and entertainment career Chizzie continues to be an active participant in her community offering art instruction to several after school and community programs. In addition to performing for several grass roots movements and non-profit benefits.