Copper Tonic

Copper Tonic

About the Artist

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States

Website: Visit Copper Tonic's Website

What would happen if Joss Stone, Chicago, and Roy Ayers got together and jammed? It would probably sound awesome…and a lot like CopperTonic!

CopperTonic is quickly rising to the top of the Philadelphia funk scene with their soulful, provocative songwriting. With an 8-piece powerhouse band, CopperTonic can throw down nasty original grooves or blow up some Ray Charles and Rufus. This combustible funk unit features the soulful, earthy vocal styling of Michelle Sarah, the explosive, pyrotechnical mallet work of vibraphonist/arranger Michael Cain and a host of downright nasty musicians. If you have been wondering “who got the funk”, look no further. We got it!