Corina Presutti

Cori Presutti

About the Artist

From: Hartford, Connecticut United States

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As a solo artist, a one man, well, woman, show, Cori has moved people with all the freedom allowed of someone who works vocals, piano and harmonica. “I write my music as independently as possible. It comes from me- from my feelings and my preference, whatever the whim of that moment might be. I’m telling my story and no one else knows the truth about me better than me so who better to write it.” Corina Presutti got started early in music. From the time she was little, music was always a huge part of Cori’s family in Farmington, CT where she grew up. She began classical training in piano in kindergarten at the Hartt School of Music in Hartford. At the end of elementary school, she learned flute. In middle school jazz and pop caught her attention. And by high school, being fluent the in piano and flute, she taught herself to play to the harmonica (under the influence of Billy Joel’s Piano Man), discovered her voice, and began writing her own music. “I’m proud that my voice is organic- I was never interested in sounding as though I had a choral or trained voice. I’m happier not knowing how to do it “correctly”, because all of music is really an experimental process anyway. I guess in this case, ignorance is bliss- it has allowed me to maintain my own style. I can change it, bend it or contort it the way I feel it should sound to express a certain emotion.” After high school, Cori then attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY where she continued performing and during which she recorded her first demo The Softest Skin (© 2005). During college she also left to live and study in Vasto, Italy and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Finishing her degree early, she graduated Skidmore with a BA in Foreign Languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and minored in International Affairs) in January of 2007, and returned home to CT to apply her musical understanding through physicality as a ballroom dance professional. Most recently, Cori has completed her first full album entitled Little Black Book (© 2009), released October 24, 2009.