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About the Artist

From: Sydney, * Australia

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My name is Michael Ross AKA D.V.S. I was born in D.C. but was raised all over; from Virginia to Tennessee to Maryland. I started writing when I was 12. I wasn’t always a positive rapper. I went through bad times in my life. I had no family but my immediate one. Growing up, all I knew was the bad route. I was out of control and the state said I was a menace to society and I wouldn’t make it to high school without going to jail or being killed. That’s hard to hear when you’re 12 years old. I got locked up for three years. During this time I didn’t believe in God; I thought He didn’t exist. But when I got out I told myself I’m not going to fit the stereotype, I’m going to succeed.

It took many years for me to figure out how to stay on the right path and I realized my purpose and focus. My main objective is to show people you can change; your life isn’t limited to one path, you have many choices. Nobody helped me in my time of need. Instead they labeled me a failure. But if I didn’t go through all the things that I have been through, I wouldn’t have as much love and care for people as I do now. I love people and their souls.  That is why I am fighting for Christ’s vision to be known.