Dana Alexandra

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About the Artist

From: York, Pennsylvania United States

Website: Visit Dana Alexandra's Website

At just 23, this rural Pennsylvania native has figured out how to capture an audience. With a distinctly delicate voice that could relax even the most uneasy mind, Alexandra shows she is not only a beautiful voice but an accomplished songwriter as well. From the newly released debut, “Fashionably Late”, tracks like “Swallow” and “Show and Tell” prove that Alexandra has pulled a lifetime of charm and wit out of just 23 years time. Alexandra has appeared nation-wide on Fox television and has lent her voice to nationally broadcasted commercials. At a time in which the music industry is looking for someone to lead the way, Alexandra might do just that while you stop to enjoy her all-American sound. One listen to Dana Alexandra will offer a voice and cleverly catchy songs that will draw you into her warm little world that you just won’t want to leave anytime soon.