About the Artist

From: New York City , New York United States

Website: Visit Deadlyz's Website

They are based in NYC and have played in various touring bands that have performed in over 25 countries playing for audiences as large as 120,000 people so the attitude is large and the stage show is out of control. European audience is very devoted to their edgy provacative music, especially in Germany, fans create their German MySpace.

While most bands try to be like their heroes, live and breathe their Rock Star lifestyle and are the real thing, creating “deep-badass” music that will move you.

You won’t find anyone sitting at a Deadlyz concert and that was proven on their last national tour.

The Deadlyz can sit and write you a five page bio that will shock you, keep you on the edge of your seat but we would rather you come down and see it for yourself and listen to one of the great big bands.