Enzo Gragnaniello

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About the Artist

From: Naples, * Italy

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Enzo Gragnaniello was born at Naples the 20 of October 1954, at the district Cerriglio, the most squeezed alley of all Naples. It goes the adolescence between the alleys of the district Porto, doing the most varied intense activities: from boy of pastry shop, boy of the bar, “living attraction” of a stall of blue jeans. He composes his first songs to 18 years; naturally check stories of the sole universe that he knows; stories heard in tavern from who had done the war, stories of cast out, of who goes the life in prison and of who it is hidden behind a glass of wine and the night goes. He writes songs of love and of anger, but he’s never lost the hope and the personal interpretation.

A creative route than some year after opens the doors to the publication of “L’Erba Cattiva”,a mature album, conceived to enter in contact with the more intimate sphere of listener,where the only scope is the soul and the dignity of every human being.

This album has been promoved all over the world, his live performance was wonderfull and very exciting!