Feint Music

About the Artist

From: Indianapolis, Indiana United States

Website: Visit Feint's Website

Feint is a five piece Progressive/Symphonic/Metal band that began in 2009.

Originally starting as a three piece Dance music project by Dustin, Devin, and Kristen, Feint grew to include Brad and Shane soon after.

Musical experimentation ensued as Feint created songs that traversed genres such as Rock, Trance, Symphonic, and Progressive Metal.

As a result, the release of Feint’s 2009 self-titled debut demo was a mixed bag of Progressive, Trance, and Metal that took shape in some unorthodox song structures throughout ‘Light Of Day,’ ‘At The Tempting Moment,’ and ‘City Of Ashes (The Last Day Of Pompeii.)

The demo could be called neither a victory or a defeat, but only the start of a band searching for it’s voice.

In present day, Feint is playing a much different game. The struggles of finding a sound are less apparent, and the ambition to play for as wide an audience as possible has set in.