Indigo King

About the Artist

From: New York City, New York United States

Website: Visit Indigo King's Website

Indigo King is the collaboration of one mind split into five parts. The first four members were Faiz Lone, Josh Braunstein, Liam Houghtaling, and Danny Annibale. These four have been making music together since around the age of birth, playing in a number of different bands, all having different names and being responsible for different sounds. But they were not Indigo King until the last member, Indigo Duck, joined the band, sometime around the beginning of 2014.

Indigo King music is pioneering a new genre, Space Aquarium. Picture a sperm whale swimming gracefully through the endless oceans of space. Translucent neon jellyfish floating silently by in the background as the whale passes by. Add a drum track to that image and you have an idea of the sound of Indigo King.

Aside from making music, the band enjoys sleeping and watching movies. Saying words incorrectly is also a time-tested pastime. But don’t worry too much about that, listen to the music and enjoy.