About the Artist

From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States

Website: Visit JontiTrot's Website

The Rise of JontiTrot

It was a dank basement. Jason Ellwanger, singer and rhythm guitarist, just bought a new semi hollow body six string in the spring of 2013 and needed a bass line to walk along with. So Sam Gurley, bassist, started laying down that low end. Jason met Sean Rayl, percussionist, starting a new nine to fiver together who also happened to live a block away. He told Jason he needed a place to set up his drums and it just so happens that Jason and Sam had a dining room with a rug the perfect size for a kit. Sean grabbed his shit and built a foundation. Jason was no fret board extraordinaire by any means but remembered a past bud Justin Trainer, lead guitarist, and reached out for his axe abilities. Since the young times in those middle school days of sharing their talents, jamming in school storage rooms, and traveling through their own musical journey, jam together yet again years later. Something was missing though. They needed to complete their sound. From Sean’s past project comes Greg Haduch, keyboardist, the final link and necessity to complete what is now a unique rock and roll act known as JontiTrot.

Since their first, full jam on June 29, 2014, they’ve strung their musical influences together and haven’t put down their instruments since. Stemming from jazz, blues, that old time rock and roll, with a bit of that southern tone, JontiTrot have been writing songs and spreading their sound around Pittsburgh at venues such as Club Cafe, Rex Theater, Smiling Moose, and Brillobox. Having released a demo in late autumn of 2014, JontiTrot plan to keep writing, rocking the stage, loving the crowd, and releasing more songs in the near future.