Josh Miles and the Sweet Somethings

About the Artist

From: Miami, Florida United States

Website: Visit Josh Miles and the Sweet Somethings's Website

Josh Miles and The Sweet Somethings Bio
Josh Miles and the Sweet Somethings is an eclectic soul outfit that draws largely from Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, as well as Pop. The band is comprised of South Florida based musicians Michael Perry (Guitar), Jason Stander (Drums), Lorenzo Lindo (Bass), Virgil Price (Keyboards/piano), and Josh Miles (Vocals, Guitar). Founder and lead singer Josh Miles was raised in Dallas, Texas by two Baptist ministers. He grew up with quite the eclectic musical background including Bill Gaither, Marvin Gaye, John Legend, Bob Marley, Ottis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Louis Armstrong, among many others. After attending The University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama on a musical scholarship for vocal performance, Josh returned to South Florida, where he had attended high school and his journey as a singer began. He then began experimenting with blues, soul, jazz, and songwriting before eventually beginning Josh Miles and the sweet somethings. Currently performing all over South Florida, Josh Miles and The Sweet Somethings are working on their first EP, sol village.

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