About the Artist

From: Valparaiso, * Chile

Website: Visit Kafod's Website

The search has taken the sound of Carlos Cruz potential proposals as diverse as years of musical career in the area. From Hubbas progressive experimentation, the harshness of conceptual rock Jade to the cleanliness of Sur Pacífico sound and crafty guitar sound and world class. The fragmentation and relative separation of Jade put back into play sound in a search path of Carlos Cruz, is precisely where the project starts Kafod birth, a spiritual catharsis of the experience of Carlos reflected in compositions created over the years and at the present time with the life experiences of the artist. Accompanied by his life partner Paula Demarco on keyboards and vocals, and his friend Pedro Luengo on electric guitar, the band feels the need to grow as the compositions are seeking a separate identity, but to a musical collective, where nearly stop be single composer, that includes the arrival of the great Felix Carbone, drummer and founding member of the prestigious Chilean group, Tryo, who would handle the drums. Kafod music and sounds as a band covers as diverse as rock, pop, Folk, prog, even flirting with new age, a mixture that makes the music so characteristic of the group and the label as their own. Sound that will feed into the 1st disc of the group, called “New Pulse”, which is already in the process of recording. The strength of the compositions, bass and vocals of Carlos Cruz, along with the melodic sweetness of Paula Demarco, the raw guitar precision of Pedro Luengo and Felix Carbone..s formidable percussion, that’s Kafod. We invite you to listen to music and attentive to each step of Kafod.