King Schascha

About the Artist

From: San Diego, California United States

Website: Visit King Schascha's Website

“I give thanks everyday for my upbringing,” Kings Schascha states with a humble tone. King Schascha, born in Morvant Laventille, Trinidad and Tabago, was raised by his mother Rosita who gave him the opportunity to study music at one of the best music Academies in St. Augustine. Although his life has led him down many paths, his roots eventually carried him back to his greatest passion, music.

Now residing in San Diego, where the almighty spirit of Reggae Culture is transpiring every day, King Schascha brings with him a fusion of dancehall, reggae, soul, country, jazz, and calypso. “I’ve got mad respect for my band members’ talent, dedication, and love of music” (King Schascha). Playing the riddims for King Schascha is Irusalem, an 8-member band and chosen family to King Schascha. Zena on keyboards, Kizzy & Shoshanna as back up vocalists, Lyndon on the drums, Niko on rhythm guitar, Ryan on bass and Johnny Gringo on lead guitar.

Entertaining the crowd with his powerful, fiery stage presence, King Schascha commands the stage from the very moment he steps on until Irusalem plays their final note. The legendary Black Uhuru gave great praises on his performances by saying, “King Schascha should be on stage at any venue or festival.” No other up and coming artist puts on a show like King Schascha.

Inspired by his family and upbringing, many of King Schascha’s lyrics tell of love, life, family and a never-ending sight of a vision for harmony. His lyrical genius, coupled with the pure universal beats of reggae music creates magic to your soul. It is no wonder crowds gather for King Schaschas’ shows to experience an abundance of energy, vibrations of the most high, and celebration of life. “Music is really here to entertain the mind, the body and the soul”(King Schascha).

Building connection through the unifying peace of music, King Schascha is building momentum to transmit his passion worldwide. Those venues, festivals, artists and supporters who have lifted up King Schascha include, but are not limited to; Gallagher’s Ocean Beach, Winston’s, World Beat Center, Reggae in the Hills, City of Trees Music Festival, Bay Area Hempfest, Sacramento Hempfest, Seattle Hempfest, Las Vegas Hempfest, Khari Kill, Louie Culture, Pressure, Richie Spice, Lutan Fiyah, MIDNITE, Lady Saw, The Meditations, Sister Nancy, Marlon Asher and Tribe of Kings.

Much love to all of those who support our music.

One People. One Planet. One Love.