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About the Artist

From: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania United States

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A Pennsylvania based rock quartet with a focus on songwriting, arrangements, and energetic live performances. Kingsfoil was originally formed as an acoustic duo. Songwriting by Jordan Davis and Tristan Martin has matured over the years through their three independent releases (Thoughts on the Floor ’02, Blueprints ’04, and The Almond Tree EP ’05). Following the strong release of the Almond Tree EP, Joe Cipollini was added on drums, and in 2007 Tim Warren finalized the group on bass. With this solid line-up, Kingfoil recorded the five song Bear in the Attic release in 2007. As a four piece, Kingsfoil has seen extensive growth in the south central and eastern PA markets. Drawing on influences like Coldplay, Ben Folds, Love Drug, and Radiohead, their songwriting continues to develop along with their base of fans and friends.