M.A.D. Beats

About the Artist

From: Ontario, * Canada

Website: Visit M.A.D. Beats's Website

An up and coming performing group, MAD Beats, is a vocal experience unlike any other. Combining their vocal talents with years of conventional music education, these two never cease to amaze crowds with their incredible technique and command of their voice. For the past year and a half, M.A.D. Beats has been performing vocal percussion, also known as “beatboxing”, in which all sound effects and music are produced solely from the mouth. M.A.D Beats has performed at a variety of venues, ranging from talent shows to charity concerts. Although they started out as an act at Markham District High School’s Holiday Assembly, their substantial success has led them to perform at the Unionville Festival and the Amnesty Cafe held on Mainstreet Markham. Late last year, M.A.D Beats was chosen to represent Markham District High School in a *spotlight on music* show, performing for potential elementary school music students and teaching them the value of a developed music program. As a group, M.A.D Beats composes covers of classic, modern, and mainstream tunes, and are looking to expand into songwriting. They have done covers ranging from Stand by Me by the Temptations to A Milli by Lil’ Wayne, as any song is within their reach. Be sure to look out for this school-act turned hip hop duo in the near future!