Nights and Weekends

IMF Champion

About the Artist

From: Toronto, * Canada

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Nights and Weekends was born early in 2008 when producer Mike Gonek and singer-songwriter Brendan Beamish committed their full time and energy to doing what they love, making music. Inspired by living young in the city, Nights and Weekends deliver a sound unlike anything being done in Canada right now. With the addition of Jermaine Hamilton, Nights and Weekends’ “pop scene, rock action” style has been tearing up stages all over Toronto. Nights and Weekends’ dance beats and party anthems keep crowds singing along all night. These three individuals come together to form a unique group of young men with the potential to capture hearts all over the world. Unlike many pop acts, they create their own music and they carry it with authority. Each member is incredibly talented in their own right. But together, the whole is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. But if you really want to know what Nights and Weekends are all about, all you have to do is listen!