Poetic Republic

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About the Artist

From: Cleveland, Ohio United States

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Poetic Republic exhibits unpredictable flows and rhyme schemes that have shaken the foundation of the lyrical arena. Pulsating acoustics, lyrical precision, and raw vocal delivery declare to the world; they will not be ignored. Classification Never. PR pushes the bounds of true school hip-hop through a quality of sound that pulls at the core of all audiences. Off the stage and away from the bright lights, each member of PR is a true musician and multi-instrumentalist. Rem, Ahp Qwes, Asante, Angelo Vagas, Frank Soul, and DJ Ceven all understand the science of music, and apply it effectively to their thriving sound. Fans are impressed with the authentic and innovative way that PR has diverged from the monotonous “bling” marring the hip-hop world. A group of skilled emcees and muscians, PR attacks real world issues with an approach that has left an imprint in the minds of eager listeners. Poetic Republic is the answer to monotonous hip-hop. PR released their first official studio album “Indigenous Philosophy Of The Gentiles” in May 2007. The album was received with an enthusiastic welcome from a rapidly growing fan base. Edgy and sensational performances have garnered a heightened anticipation for the artists recently released album, “The Natural Progression Of Things”. The new album The Natural Progression Of Things has sold exceptionally well and garnered PR an Ohio Hip-Hop Award nomination for “best group”. It has been hailed by the media and fans alike as an “instant classic”.