Project 18

Massachusetts music

About the Artist

From: Southeastern, Massachusetts United States

Website: Visit Project 18's Website

Project 18 was formed in September 2006 by Andy Kenn (Guitar), Dan ‘O’ Mac Leod (Drums), and Chris ‘Needle’ Zahner (Bass). What started out as a jam session in a basement had led to the building of a rehearsal studio. P18 spent many months writing new tunes and trying out potential members. Their music during that time was constantly going through a genre change starting out as a blues rock style to a hard rock then on to the heavier sound you hear today. In March of 2008 P18 headed in to record, at the same time still looking for the missing pieces to the P18 puzzle (Second Guitarist and Lead Vocalist). When a friend, Lou Argenzio (Guitar) contacted Dan’O’ in April of 2008, it was a gift from the metal heavens! It was a no brainer to add Lou’s talents to the P18 Line up. They were one step closer to becoming a local music force. But there was one thing missing, Vocals. After countless searches the final piece surfaced. Drew Dampier (Vocals) replied to one of P18’s ads in July 2008. When Drew auditioned his attitude and vocal ability made it known that this was the front man needed to round out this musically diverse group. In September 2008, P18 headed for the recording studio again, to finalize their tracks. “Fade Away”, “Divide & Conquer”, and “Coma” were released in late 2008. Their sound will set your blood to boil. Project 18 will not be ignored!