Roaring Nice

About the Artist

From: Providence , Rhode Island United States

NICE is an artist from Providence, RI. 20 years old, he has constructed and built a name for himself and a network of young professionals. His goal is to inspire change in people to reach their fullest potential. Ultimately, he wants peace and happiness across the world. NICE pushes the hip-hop culture with his captivating lyrics, emphasis on his syllables, play on words, and his metaphors. You can be sure to hear plenty of that and much more on his project NICE NITE. The music is great, but it is the live performances where NICE draws in the majority of his listeners and supporters. He keeps the watcher intrigued and entertained with his stage presence, energy, lighting and lyrics. NICE has a strong team of mentors and friends who keep him on the right path, but he sees endless heights and success for himself.