About the Artist

From: Brooklyn, New York United States

Website: Visit Sepoy's Website

Sepoy is a four-piece alternative rock band formed in New York City in 2012. Sepoy’s members share a common interest in making music that delves into the ambient, atmospheric and melancholic. Their music is characterized by catchy guitar riffs and vocal melodies, along with soaring guitar solos and a groovy drum and bass section. The different elements are all delicately balanced and intertwined to produce a texturally rich, unique sonically satisfying experience. Their pieces exhibit a broad stylistic variety – ranging from the darker, progressive-rock influenced pieces like “Come Home”, to the more pop-sensible pieces like the ballad “Back To You” and the crowd favorite epic “Reno”.

The word “sepoy” was originally used to refer to an indigenous soldier serving in the army of an imperialist conqueror. The sepoy’s dilemma applied in a more generic, modern day context is the motif behind their lyrical themes.

During the course of 2014, they played shows in New York and rocked out venues in the Lower East Side, Williamsburg and Astoria and gained the reputation of being a live act that has a big sound while bringing a lot of energy to their performances.

Sepoy’s members (from left to right, in picture above) are Rahul Ratakonda (bass), Amey Rairikar (lead guitar), Anupam Burra (vocal, keys, guitar), and Sriram Raman (drums). They are currently working on their first full album, slated for release later this year.