Silence of the Orchid

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About the Artist

From: Paris, * France

Website: Visit Silence of the Orchid's Website

A group with many influences and styles including Trip Hop and Rock, based in Paris, featuring the voice of Stephanie Prost, and music and soprano sax of Francis Powell, Dj Wise (from Paris), and additional music and songs of Kevin (Dharmsky) Riley. Videos by Francis Powell.

Formed in 2009, the group has done concerts at the Batofar, Théâtre de l’épée de bois Cartoucherie de Vincennes, Sociétés des curiosités Paris.
Recently the group did a live performance for “Balcony TV” which is presently being defused on the internet. Francis Powell (Dj Wise) has been involved with producing “dance music” since the days of Raves in the UK. He also won a competition to produce a dance track, organized by Sony, for the PSP2, playing an event at the Trabendo Paris. He has had tracks released by different dance labels and has worked with some notabe Djs, including Fabio and Grooverider. The idea of Silence of the Orchids, is to produce music that that is serene and soothing, but also puissant. With our videos, we have worked with a Japanese Butoh dancer.
We like to use projections, to go with our live shows.

We have also provided the music for a Vj, “live performers” this has included performances in Paris (for the Nuit Blanche) and in Rome for LPM festival Brancaleone.