Stranger Inside

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About the Artist

From: Baltimore, Maryland United States

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Stranger Inside is no stranger to great music. This artist is a purveyor of such music, cranking out hard rock tunes that sizzle the brain and speed up the heart and bring on the zest of life, like any great hard rock band should do. Stranger Inside is totally at ease with its music, dropping gallons of talent into each and every song. Stranger Inside is driven. There’s no other way to put it. Only undying passion could account for the fierce sense of life that permeates this artist’s music. “Music is our passion. It is the one thing that makes us feel like nothing else in our lives; not the stress of work, school or personal issues really matter.” For Stranger Inside, music is Shangri-La; it is the ultimate drug. “Music is the only thing that makes us happy, no matter what.” It’s important to this artist to reach its fans and share its dream. Music is always out there, available for listeners, both through live shows and CDs. Their unstoppable work ethic will lead to the success these musicians crave. “Music is our passion, our dream and everything we do is geared toward accomplishing our goals in becoming professional musicians. After years and over a hundred auditions we have found our brothers in Stranger Inside. We are the best of friends and love making music together.”