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About the Artist

From: East Troy, Wisconsin United States

Website: Visit Stukenburg's Website

In his youth, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist David W. Stukenberg, nom de plume Stukenberg, lived in roughly twenty homes with his mobile missionary family, attended twelve different schools, won and lost countless grade school fights (the unspoken initiation of the new and/or preacher’s kid), abated 131 poisonous snakes (Floyd Co., KY neighborhood record), evaded gun slinging, hatchet toting rednecks (literally), studied everything from JuJitsu to German and escaped a life threatening (not literally) ambiguous Nashville publishing contract…….and finally in early 2008, stukenberg signed on with machine records and released his genre hopping debut “mountain of pieces”. Including everything from 60s pop horn sections and slide guitar, to banjo solos, this album proves to be an impressive first. In late 2008 he began recording the second album/documentary in a grain silo. Stukenberg describes it’s contents as “neurotic folk”, it’s release is scheduled for may 09.