Summer Mencher

Chicago music

About the Artist

From: Chicago, Illinois United States

Website: Visit Summer Mencher's Website

Summer Mencher is a self proclaimed “progressive folk” artist with a message, and is on a mission to deliver it to the world. She uniquely merges diverse sounds and influences to produce auditory pleasing music that is unconventional, yet familiar. Summer integrates piano, guitar, strings and thick harmonies into her material, and is unafraid to try new things. The middle-eastern tones, unique harmonic twists and turns, with an occasional rock edge and hip-hop/spoken word are intriguing and refreshing to the ear. Summer’s vocals are velvety and warm, and her music flows with a certain intensity that relays her passion for music. Another aspect of Summer’s life that propels her enthusiasm for music is her job working in music therapy. In traveling to Africa and Asia, the use of music as a healing force has offered poignant experiences, serving as a significant driving force in her musical life and career. Mencher stretches beyond musical boundaries, as is evident when hearing her music. She knows how to connect with people and uses it as a tool to better the community, as she has been, and continues to do presently. Her music has an element of depth and originality that provides a rich and distinctive personality. Mixing progressive folk with acoustic hip hop, Summer will give you a new sound to wet your palate.