Sylvestre Kabassidi

Cape Town

About the Artist

From: Cape Town, * South Africa

Website: Visit Sylvestre Kabassidi's Website

Sylvestre samba kabassidi is a rebel with a sensitive soul whose music breaks stereotypes and takes African song in new directions. Born in Pointe-Noire, the Congo republic, the coast is not the only similarity Sylvestre finds between his place of origin and what he calls his “adoptive home”, Cape Town.

His passion since childhood has been music. He started off singing in the church choir at a very early age. Along with Salif Keita, Youssou Ndour, Papa wemba or his compatriote from the Congo republic, Zao, Sylvestre samba kabassidi represents the new generation of African artists who emphasize fragile melodies and poetic lyrics rather than super-produced floor burners.

Armed with acoustic guitar and accompanied by percussion and rich vocals, Sylvestre is part of a quiet revolution in African music. This is passionate and expressive music, cosmopolitan yet rooted in tradition, simple in arrangement but rich in sentiments.

His lyrics, voice, music and presence will move you from the inside out.