Syndicate 19

Maine music

About the Artist

From: Wells, Maine United States

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Syndicate19 began in 2002, as a three-piece band. During the next few years, band names, members and styles were tried and tested. By May of 2007, they had finally found the right combination to create a passionately unique sound. A sound that can be difficult to define by a single genre. From one song to the next, or within a single song, the feel can shift from arena rock to funky blues or relentless angst to hopeful resolution. This intensely dynamic sound is the result of the assortment of influences and styles of the individuals in the band. This cast of characters includes the Impulsive Dreamer, the Data-driven Idealist, the Accident-prone Wise Guy and the Affable Maverick. Their musical inspiration spurs from every genre, and their influences range from the Beatles to Tool to Mozart to Snoop Dogg. This diverse, four man line up generates a powerful, alternative rock sound with blues, jazz, funk and metal undertones. Through their diversity and depth, Syndicate19 engages a detached generation that is skeptically looking for something to believe in…something more. Their music reflects on the state of the world, society, government, relationships, spirituality, media, money, technology and cultural disconnectedness. The eclectic nature and deeper messages resonate with many.