T-Shirts 4 Tomorrow

About the Artist

From: Cheyenne, Wyoming United States

Website: Visit T-Shirts 4 Tomorrow's Website

Hailing from Denver Colorado, this powerful and energetic four piece band, T-shirts 4 Tomorrow, is made of: Ethan (vox and guitar) Brandon (drums) Kevin (bass) Erik (lead guitar), and is poised and ready for a bright future. Getting it’s start in late 07′ as an acoustic duo (Brandon and Ethan), they soon took their parents basement hostage to begin writing and eventually playing shows in 08’… Sure they still have their roots in acoustic music, but with recently added members (Kevin and Erik), T4T has grown and evolved into the rock monster you hear today.

Fusing driving breakdowns with catchy riffs, and a fun punk rock attitude, T-Shirts 4 Tomorrow has a fresh, electric sound that is making waves in the Denver music scene. Making their travels in their converted school bus/tour bus T4T’s main goal is to connect with its fan’s, having as much fun as humanly possible, and making jokes (that no one laughs at). A night rockin’ with these boy’s can certainly be accompanied with outrageous amounts of good times, memories, and most of all a sore neck (commonly refered to as a “bangover”). Offering the most energetic show out there, T-shirts 4 Tomorrow, will be sure to bring the party, all you have to do is bring yourself!