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About the Artist

From: New York City, New York United States

Website: Visit Tactylics's Website

Tactylics is a funk-rock band from New York dedicated to making music people can feel; combining the rich lyrics, melodic hooks, and power of modern rock with the hard-hitting grooves of funk and R&B. The name Tactylics is a portmanteau of the words “tactile” and “dactylic”‘ simultaneously tangible, emotional, and rhythmic. The group is quickly garnering attention on the local scene and has been named winner of the International Music Festival for the New York market, from which they now advance to the semi-finals in competition for a world tour. They also had the recent honor of performing on “From the Penthouse”, hosted by Tainted Blue Studios and held in the penthouse of the former Quad Studios in Times Square; an exclusive event that highlights the very best of up-and-coming New York City acts. Tactylics is currently finishing production of their demo EP, “The Guilty Pleasures Prototype”, due for release in Spring 2009. They are booking tour dates for the rest of 2009 and are eager to play for any fans who request their presence.