The Great Barrier Reefs & Tony

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From: Nashville, Tennessee United States

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Known for their unique sound and stylish arrangements of your favorite songs from any genre, The Great Barrier Reefs and Tony stand out as a versatile and talented group that has been turning heads in and around Nashville, TN. Lead by composer/arranger Tony Hartman on steel pans, keyboard and percussion, The Reefs pull from their diverse musical backgrounds to create a sound unlike any other that you’ve heard.

While jazzy-latin-funk-reggae is about as close as one can get to describing their sound, the groups devotion to the study of musics from around the world continue to push their music in new directions. Presenting their music in a primarily instrumental format, the average concert goer will find themselves wrapped up in the moment and as much a part of the music making as the band itself. The emphasis is in the moment. Whether its a sultry sax solo, rump-rolling groove or a charming rhyme from Tony, no two Reef shows are ever the same. The Reefs are currently working on a self-produced debut album due in December 2009.