The SOME x 6

Vancouver music scene

About the Artist

From: Vancouver, District of Columbia United States

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The SOME x 6 Band was officially born during the summer of 2002 at Nat Bailey Stadium, Vancouver BC. Brad Curtis, Murray Mclaughlan, and Sandy Stewart, had just finished playing a Senior Men’s Baseball game at the historic Nat Bailey Stadium on a hot July afternoon, and were sitting back talking after the game. They soon realized they all shared a passion for playing music. Thus began the journey that today we call The SOME x 6 Band. Fast forward over the years, and we find The SOME x 6 Band has undergone its share of personnel changes. Since it’s creation, founding members Brad Curtis and Murray McLaughlan, have played with a variety of excellent musicians, each helping shape the sound we now know as The SOME x 6 Band. The SOME x 6 Band has shared the stage with the following bands: The Powder Blues Band, Texas Flood, James Rodgers, Rhythm Street, Crimson Roots, City Of Envy, Black Bones, Sugar Blade, The Carolyn Stewart Band, and others.