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From: Dyer, Indiana United States

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Fast rising and hard rocking, The Vamato are the latest to emerge from Indiana. Formed in 2010, they held their debut show at Reggie’s Rock Club and have not stopped gigging out since.

“I felt the need to start a band, with all original music,” guitarist Joe Perez said. “Northwest Indiana is relatively known for its overabundance of bar-hopping rock cover bands only being able to actually make ends-meat, but it’s not stopping Perez, bassist James Pryz, singer Stephen Early, and drummer Scott Murga. In fact, it inspires them.”

“There’s a lot of good potential in regards to musicians [in Indiana] but with no place to show it,” Perez continued. “There’s a lot of creative people out there that unfortunately the towns won’t really let artists express.”

The Shocking Disaster of the Vanishing Sea, The Vamato’s first release, was an EP exposed to the public in June of 2010. This gained the attention of Chicago publication Rock Scars Magazine.

“The name Vamato was just a creative spark that is now an ascending adjective among Rock music,” says Rock Scarz Magazine. “Shortly after, the single¬†Getting in Deep with the Sharks¬†was released in September with positive feedback from the fans and local talent.

“After seeing and hearing The Vamato,” says Creative Director Chris Neumann of local venue The Modern Post, “I knew these guys are going to go somewhere.” So impressed with The Vamato, Neumann is now working with the group to help ensure their success.