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From: San Diego, California United States

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Todd Day Wait writes, records and performs in mediums such as blues, folk, country, gospel, rock, soul, jam, reggae, psychedelic and funk. He draws from the stories of folk, the raw feelings of the blues, simplicity in country, the spirit of gospel, the leg kicks of rock, the rhythm of reggae, improvisational through jam, the distinctive look of psychedelic and the body movin’ music of Memphis soul and New Orleans funk. When mixed together it becomes a blend that is North American Music. He has been establishing his presence professionally for 6 years, accumulating over 500 live show experiences and releasing two albums. Starting to work nationally in 2009, he formed Pigpen. Playing his original songs, songs of the past and jams of the future, Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen is comprised of a rotating line-up of professional musicians from around the country.