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From: Austin, Texas United States

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We at Tom Gun got our start not too long ago, at a company Christmas party in Lakeway, Texas. There, after a few John Denver Christmas standards, we knew we had the mix just right. We sometimes go by names such as: Ryan Lewellen, on bass n’ vocals; Hunter Stanford, on guitar n’ vocals; and lastly, but not least-ly, Tyler Edmunds on drums n’ vocals. We are all fairly recent migrants to the cozy little city of Austin, TX. Tyler and Hunter originally hail from Florida, where they played in a band together while attending the University of Florida. They made a stop in Austin while on tour with their old band and decided it would be a good city to relocate to after graduating in 2008. Ryan, an Iowa native, located to Austin in the summer of 2009 after graduating from film school at the University of Iowa. Tyler and Hunter met Ryan through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend after a few tough months of incredibly unsuccessful bass guitar tryouts. All is well now, though. We can be found at various venues around the greater Austin area, from martini bars to hotel ballrooms. A Tom Gun live set could include, but is not limited to: white-boy harmonies, werewolf sightings, synchronized dancing, and lots of moustache twirling. We hope you enjoy our Tom Gun sounds, as they were written and recorded just for you. That’s right, just for you!