Trent Crews

Trent Crews

About the Artist

From: New York City, New York United States

Website: Visit Trent Crews's Website

Edgy, Provocative, and Soulful…

….none of these describe Trent’s humble beginnings. Born in Columbus, Ohio raised by a single parent, Trent found his musical roots performing in the church. Through his struggles of having a stutter and lisp, he found himself often too embarrassed to even speak, let alone sing. Triumphantly, Trent shed this fear and self doubt by expressing his true love of music and performance, while recording with an R&B duo named Exclusive during his teenage years. For two years the group grew to local celebrities through performing at venues and events. Trent soon sought more than local celebrity and decided to go solo.

As a solo artist, the attributes edgy, provocative, and soulful describe him and his pop musical style. From humble beginnings to a sought after vocal coach, background singer, and dancer, Trent has used his in depth knowledge of the music industry to garner an understanding of all aspects to prepare him further for his rise to fame.

Currently, Trent Crews is finishing his solo project and relocated to New York City creating a buzz and positioning himself to take the music industry by storm.