Tsunami Wave Riders

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About the Artist

From: Charlotte, North Carolina United States

Website: Visit Tsunami Wave Riders's Website

Based in Charlotte, NC, and Wilmington, NC, the Tsunami Wave Riders combine the high energy of rock and reggae rhythms with traditional island instruments – such as the Hawaiian ukulele and Caribbean steel drums – that instantly puts listeners on their favorite beach. In fact, that is the goal of the Tsunami Wave Riders – to help people to relax and de-stress with some feel-good music.

Although band members love the beach and the surf, the name of the band actually comes from the belief that we can overcome “tsunamis,” huge challenges in life that threaten to drown us, by “riding the waves” with the help of friends, family and some feel-good island music. With the right “surfboard,” you can learn to not only ride the waves – you might actually enjoy the journey.

Are you a “wave rider”? Surf’s up, so grab your board. It’s time to ride da music…island style!