About the Artist

From: Phoenix, Arizona United States

Website: Visit U.F.N.'s Website

Keaton Bongiorno and Charles Christian met in April of 2011 with an instant musical connection and decided to form a band.  They knew they never wanted to be put into just one genre, but wanted to incorporate numerous styles of music into their work.  For two years Keaton and Charles got together on a regular basis, jamming, working on their sound, and writing songs.  In April of 2013 Keaton and Charles wanted to record an original piece that required a female vocalist.  Charles recommended his long-time friend, Rachel Brownand there was an undeniable blend.  The three of them knew they had something different and had a gut feeling that forming a band together was the right decision.

In March of 2014 UFN played their first show at a local pub.  Shortly thereafter UFN was asked to join the Epic Proportions Tour  in August and September of 2014, to bring UFN’s style of music to high schools and colleges throughout California and Arizona.  The end of 2014 brought big opportunities as they competed in & won Alice Cooper’s annual Proof Is In the Pudding competition, earning the chance to play at Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding at Comerica Theatre with Alice himself, Night Ranger, & others.  Finally in November of that same year, they welcomed their newest member Chris Marchant, completing the full sound of the band.
Since then, UFN has been performing, rehearsing, & writing constantly.  Combining their three-part harmonies with their varying writing styles, UFN’s music forming the versatile fusion of Vibe Rock.