Cape Town

Sylvestre Kabassidi

Cape Town, *
South Africa

Sylvestre samba kabassidi is a rebel with a sensitive soul whose music breaks stereotypes and takes African song in new directions. Born in Pointe-Noire, the Congo republic, the coast is not the only similarity Sylvestre finds between his place of origin and what he calls his “adoptive home”, Cape Town.

His passion since childhood has been music. He started off singing in the church choir at a very early age. Along with Salif Keita, Youssou Ndour, Papa wemba or his compatriote from the Congo republic, Zao, Sylvestre samba kabassidi represents the new generation of African artists who emphasize fragile melodies and poetic lyrics rather than super-produced floor burners.

Armed with acoustic guitar and accompanied by percussion and rich vocals, Sylvestre is part of a quiet revolution in African music. This is passionate and expressive music, cosmopolitan yet rooted in tradition, simple in arrangement but rich in sentiments.

His lyrics, voice, music and presence will move you from the inside out.

new delhi, india


New Delhi, *


Flexibility, Energy & Ability to Pratice Daily.

Worked Experience: Delhi All India Radio, FM, TV Programs, Articles in Newspapers & More Than Hundreds of Live Shows.

Talent Specialization. : Mouthorgan, Songwriting, Composing & Singing.

Other Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard.

Music Genre : Rock, Solo, New Age etc..

Enjoy My Self Written, Composed, Sang & Played Music on Mouthorgan & Keyboard by Artist Rajinder Singh.


Valparaiso, *

The search has taken the sound of Carlos Cruz potential proposals as diverse as years of musical career in the area. From Hubbas progressive experimentation, the harshness of conceptual rock Jade to the cleanliness of Sur Pacífico sound and crafty guitar sound and world class. The fragmentation and relative separation of Jade put back into play sound in a search path of Carlos Cruz, is precisely where the project starts Kafod birth, a spiritual catharsis of the experience of Carlos reflected in compositions created over the years and at the present time with the life experiences of the artist. Accompanied by his life partner Paula Demarco on keyboards and vocals, and his friend Pedro Luengo on electric guitar, the band feels the need to grow as the compositions are seeking a separate identity, but to a musical collective, where nearly stop be single composer, that includes the arrival of the great Felix Carbone, drummer and founding member of the prestigious Chilean group, Tryo, who would handle the drums. Kafod music and sounds as a band covers as diverse as rock, pop, Folk, prog, even flirting with new age, a mixture that makes the music so characteristic of the group and the label as their own. Sound that will feed into the 1st disc of the group, called “New Pulse”, which is already in the process of recording. The strength of the compositions, bass and vocals of Carlos Cruz, along with the melodic sweetness of Paula Demarco, the raw guitar precision of Pedro Luengo and Felix Carbone..s formidable percussion, that’s Kafod. We invite you to listen to music and attentive to each step of Kafod.

music, italy

Enzo Gragnaniello

Naples, *

Enzo Gragnaniello was born at Naples the 20 of October 1954, at the district Cerriglio, the most squeezed alley of all Naples. It goes the adolescence between the alleys of the district Porto, doing the most varied intense activities: from boy of pastry shop, boy of the bar, “living attraction” of a stall of blue jeans. He composes his first songs to 18 years; naturally check stories of the sole universe that he knows; stories heard in tavern from who had done the war, stories of cast out, of who goes the life in prison and of who it is hidden behind a glass of wine and the night goes. He writes songs of love and of anger, but he’s never lost the hope and the personal interpretation.

A creative route than some year after opens the doors to the publication of “L’Erba Cattiva”,a mature album, conceived to enter in contact with the more intimate sphere of listener,where the only scope is the soul and the dignity of every human being.

This album has been promoved all over the world, his live performance was wonderfull and very exciting!

saccade dublin ireland


Dublin, *
Ireland {Republic}

Saccade are a four piece indie-pop rock band hailing from the northside of Dublin, Ireland. Having already enjoyed high profile support slots with bands such as The Coronas, The View, The Magic Numbers, Delorentos, The Flaws, and Ham Sandwich over the last 12 months, they have been steadily making a name for themselves on the live circuit.

So the story goes…

After forming in 2006, the band spent their first year writing, rehearsing, recording, and gigging the live circuit in Dublin. Spring 2007 saw the release of their debut E.P ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, with one of the tracks, ‘Wasting My Time’ reaching number 5 in the chart. ‘Wastin’ My Time’ was also selected by an independent panel of industry experts to be included on the USB album, launched in August 2008.

2009 saw the band complete a cross country tour of Ireland, getting their music out to the public and receiving fantastic feedback from all the gig-goers.

morocco music

El Hal

El Jadida, *

Composed from four members; two musicians and two percussionists, the band El HAL was created in 2005.There style is mixing between some Moroccan traditional music styles and new melodies with nice larkers talking about today’s human troubles and interests.

Iran Music Ensemble

Rahavarde-Parsian Iranian Traditional Music Ensemble

Shiraz, *

Our 5 main ensemble’s members (out of 12 members) for taking part in foreign music festivals and concerts are:

  1. Behshid Nourani (The Group’s Manager / Declamator):* 1977 / Iran, Esfahan / setar player and declamator / graduated of M.A in agricuture / assistant producer of several concert / researcher
  2. A. Reza Zarei (Singer): *1977 / Iran, Shiraz / singer and poet /graduated of B.A in English Language Translation and A.A. in Anthropology /many concerts performing / researcher
  3. Amir Poustkar (Tombak Player):* 1970 / Iran, Shiraz / tombak player /the author of two instructional books in music / many concerts performing and recordings
  4. Arash Khorshidi (Kamancheh Player):* 1984 / Iran, Saghghez / kamancheh player / many concerts performing and recordings / the winner of some festival
  5. Majid Dowlat Shah (Tar Player):* 1985 / Iran, Khorram Abad / tar player/ many concert performing
Dino Miranda music Mozambique

Dino Miranda

Maputo, *

More than a decade after Dino Miranda performed with his rock band around Maputo, Mozambique he scooped the 2009 MMA (Mozambican Music Awards) for his début album “Moya Wa Kaya”.

Launched at the end of 2008 in South Africa and Mozambique, with “Moya We Kaya” (winds from home), Dino Miranda successfully manages to bring his fans together and create a bridge between South Africa, where he is based and Mozambique, his home country and source of inspiration.

After playing with Mozambican music legend, singer and composer Chico Antonio in the late 1990s, Dino decided to study music, first at the Fuba School of Music in Johannesburg and subsequently jazz studies at the University of Cape Town’s renowned College of Music between 2001 and 2004.

While still at university, Dino embarked on a solo project and took to the stages around the Mother City, playing at ObzFest in 2004 and 2006, the Penguin Festival in 2006, the Cape Town Jazzathon Festival and the Verão Amarelo Festival in Maputo in 2007 and the Suidoosterfees TrueLove Jazz Lounge in 2008. That same year, the talented vocalist, guitarist, composer and arranger was also invited to play at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival with the Bongani Sotshononda

Tom Mansi music united kingdom

Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers

London, *
United Kingdom

Tom Mansi and the Icebreakers are Paul White on guitar, Alain Man on keys, James Johnston on drums and Tom Mansi slinging the upright bass and handling lead vocals. Having met many years ago while playing for a North London youth big band this quartet has played together in various jazz, boogie woogie and rock n’ roll groups ever since.

Mansi and the band have been touring the UK and Germany supporting the likes of Son of Dave, The Sadies and The Heavy. Having made festival appearances at the Big Chill, Secret Garden Party, Larmer Tree, and Glastonbury among others, the band has played more than 100 UK and European shows in 2008/2009. In 2010 the diary is filled with numerous festival and club dates throughout the UK and across Europe.