Harlem, New York
United States

CHAÉ IS an Afro-Colombian born singer/songwriter, Latin acoustic folk rock & tropical music star. CHAE became famous along with her sister Mila as part of the tropical music duo she created called Las Perlas Negras (The Black Pearls) and the Monumental Orchestra.  As part of that collaboration she has toured throughout the Americas and Europe winning several music awards with their hits “Negro Candela”, “Navegando” and “Carnaval”. Among some of the awards the duo have won are the “El Congo de Oro” twice as the best New artist in the Tropical music category in Barranquilla, Colombia followed by the Fitur award in Madrid, Spain. CHAE along with her sister also received national awards such as The Caribbean Festival and Commerce Chambers Award in Cartagena, Colombia. To add to the list of her accomplishments CHAE as part of La Perla Negra has not only produced, written and composed five different albums, but has also appeared on several variety shows as she traveled throughout Miami, Chicago, Boston, New York, Madrid, Spain and the entire country of her native Colombia, among them are” Sabado Gigante” with Don Francisco, and past shows such as “A L a Cama con Porcel” and “El Show de Carlos Alfredo.”

As she works to reunite with her sister, Elizabeth Dillon Cordoba under her new namesake CHAE is now embarking on a Solo career performing at several venues in New York City. Performing some of her songs titled “Woman”, “Freedom”, “Sweet Justice”, “Dame Amor” among others, CHAE’ s acoustic folk- rock sound combined with her rhythmic soulful voice is a true hit wherever she performs. Her Latin tropical roots can also be heard in much of the new music she composes. CHAE and the music she creates has often been compared to Nina Simone, Sheryl Crow and India Irie to name a few, but her ability to compose both in Latin and English along with the talent of being able to change her genre of music at will makes her stand out among the rest. More importantly, CHAE creates intelligent, moral, women empowering and socially conscious music which is enlightening, refreshing and much needed in today’s world.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

The Rise of JontiTrot

It was a dank basement. Jason Ellwanger, singer and rhythm guitarist, just bought a new semi hollow body six string in the spring of 2013 and needed a bass line to walk along with. So Sam Gurley, bassist, started laying down that low end. Jason met Sean Rayl, percussionist, starting a new nine to fiver together who also happened to live a block away. He told Jason he needed a place to set up his drums and it just so happens that Jason and Sam had a dining room with a rug the perfect size for a kit. Sean grabbed his shit and built a foundation. Jason was no fret board extraordinaire by any means but remembered a past bud Justin Trainer, lead guitarist, and reached out for his axe abilities. Since the young times in those middle school days of sharing their talents, jamming in school storage rooms, and traveling through their own musical journey, jam together yet again years later. Something was missing though. They needed to complete their sound. From Sean’s past project comes Greg Haduch, keyboardist, the final link and necessity to complete what is now a unique rock and roll act known as JontiTrot.

Since their first, full jam on June 29, 2014, they’ve strung their musical influences together and haven’t put down their instruments since. Stemming from jazz, blues, that old time rock and roll, with a bit of that southern tone, JontiTrot have been writing songs and spreading their sound around Pittsburgh at venues such as Club Cafe, Rex Theater, Smiling Moose, and Brillobox. Having released a demo in late autumn of 2014, JontiTrot plan to keep writing, rocking the stage, loving the crowd, and releasing more songs in the near future.

Indigo King

New York City, New York
United States

Indigo King is the collaboration of one mind split into five parts. The first four members were Faiz Lone, Josh Braunstein, Liam Houghtaling, and Danny Annibale. These four have been making music together since around the age of birth, playing in a number of different bands, all having different names and being responsible for different sounds. But they were not Indigo King until the last member, Indigo Duck, joined the band, sometime around the beginning of 2014.

Indigo King music is pioneering a new genre, Space Aquarium. Picture a sperm whale swimming gracefully through the endless oceans of space. Translucent neon jellyfish floating silently by in the background as the whale passes by. Add a drum track to that image and you have an idea of the sound of Indigo King.

Aside from making music, the band enjoys sleeping and watching movies. Saying words incorrectly is also a time-tested pastime. But don’t worry too much about that, listen to the music and enjoy.


Brooklyn, New York
United States

Sepoy is a four-piece alternative rock band formed in New York City in 2012. Sepoy’s members share a common interest in making music that delves into the ambient, atmospheric and melancholic. Their music is characterized by catchy guitar riffs and vocal melodies, along with soaring guitar solos and a groovy drum and bass section. The different elements are all delicately balanced and intertwined to produce a texturally rich, unique sonically satisfying experience. Their pieces exhibit a broad stylistic variety – ranging from the darker, progressive-rock influenced pieces like “Come Home”, to the more pop-sensible pieces like the ballad “Back To You” and the crowd favorite epic “Reno”.

The word “sepoy” was originally used to refer to an indigenous soldier serving in the army of an imperialist conqueror. The sepoy’s dilemma applied in a more generic, modern day context is the motif behind their lyrical themes.

During the course of 2014, they played shows in New York and rocked out venues in the Lower East Side, Williamsburg and Astoria and gained the reputation of being a live act that has a big sound while bringing a lot of energy to their performances.

Sepoy’s members (from left to right, in picture above) are Rahul Ratakonda (bass), Amey Rairikar (lead guitar), Anupam Burra (vocal, keys, guitar), and Sriram Raman (drums). They are currently working on their first full album, slated for release later this year.

pennsylvania music


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

funkharp’s first concert was me on a boardwalk bench, all the instruments I could carry and an open guitar case with a sign saying ‘Change'” says Joseph Randle. Founding member and songwriter for funkharp, Randle is a classic band nerd with a surprising tongue. Drifting between childlike vulgarity and ultra-literate eloquence, that “Change” sign on his guitar case was probably meant as a general statement, not a request for spare coin. A few months back, Randle began plucking talent from the Philadelphia scene. He found the Thundercat, a grinning and excitable bass phenom whose slap n’ pop style interlocks with funkharp’s off-rhythm guitar licks the way a zebra’s stripes fit together. Next came Mofa, a relentless drummer whose tasteful interpretations of funkharp’s nuanced songs reflect his past career as a singer/songwriter. The final addition is Gene Orlando, the MacGyver. This tonehead mixes and masters all of the band’s recordings in the studio, and onstage, he tackles whatever part is thrown his way, even when it means learning to play (and sometimes having to invent) yet another instrument. Though nearly strangers at the time, the members of funkharp moved into a house together after a handful of rehearsals and only one gig together. They built their own recording studio matching the band’s exact specifications (and budget) in the house, and the squeaky old conversion van they tour around in usually pulls back into the driveway in the wee small hours of the morning carrying the boys of funkharp, dazed by the rising sun and another stint on the road.

athens ohio music

Turning Pages

Athens, Ohio
United States

Influenced by the music of Led Zeppelin, Incubus, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, and Third Eye Blind, Turning Pages offers a contemporary take on classical rock. They are not afraid to reach out beyond the boundaries of each genre and it shows in every song they perform. Whether you’re into mood music or something to rock out to, Turning Pages will not disappoint. Encompassing their easygoing moods, their lyrics and captivating rhythms make any listener want an encore. Turning Pages is happy to be a part of the International Music Festival to represent Athens.

cleveland music

Poetic Republic

Cleveland, Ohio
United States

Poetic Republic exhibits unpredictable flows and rhyme schemes that have shaken the foundation of the lyrical arena. Pulsating acoustics, lyrical precision, and raw vocal delivery declare to the world; they will not be ignored. Classification Never. PR pushes the bounds of true school hip-hop through a quality of sound that pulls at the core of all audiences. Off the stage and away from the bright lights, each member of PR is a true musician and multi-instrumentalist. Rem, Ahp Qwes, Asante, Angelo Vagas, Frank Soul, and DJ Ceven all understand the science of music, and apply it effectively to their thriving sound. Fans are impressed with the authentic and innovative way that PR has diverged from the monotonous “bling” marring the hip-hop world. A group of skilled emcees and muscians, PR attacks real world issues with an approach that has left an imprint in the minds of eager listeners. Poetic Republic is the answer to monotonous hip-hop. PR released their first official studio album “Indigenous Philosophy Of The Gentiles” in May 2007. The album was received with an enthusiastic welcome from a rapidly growing fan base. Edgy and sensational performances have garnered a heightened anticipation for the artists recently released album, “The Natural Progression Of Things”. The new album The Natural Progression Of Things has sold exceptionally well and garnered PR an Ohio Hip-Hop Award nomination for “best group”. It has been hailed by the media and fans alike as an “instant classic”.

new york city music


New York City, New York
United States

Tactylics is a funk-rock band from New York dedicated to making music people can feel; combining the rich lyrics, melodic hooks, and power of modern rock with the hard-hitting grooves of funk and R&B. The name Tactylics is a portmanteau of the words “tactile” and “dactylic”‘ simultaneously tangible, emotional, and rhythmic. The group is quickly garnering attention on the local scene and has been named winner of the International Music Festival for the New York market, from which they now advance to the semi-finals in competition for a world tour. They also had the recent honor of performing on “From the Penthouse”, hosted by Tainted Blue Studios and held in the penthouse of the former Quad Studios in Times Square; an exclusive event that highlights the very best of up-and-coming New York City acts. Tactylics is currently finishing production of their demo EP, “The Guilty Pleasures Prototype”, due for release in Spring 2009. They are booking tour dates for the rest of 2009 and are eager to play for any fans who request their presence.

Maryland Music

Standing Ground

College Park, Maryland
United States

In 2007, Standing Ground formed in the Tidewater area of Virginia, after vocalist/guitarist Brian Elder of Gloucester, Virginia and guitarist Kevin Epstein of Hampton, Virginia heard of each other through a mutual friend. Searching for a bass player, they met Chance Ferguson, a bassist from Kill Devil Hills, NC. During the audition, it became apparent that this was the bass player Brian and Kevin were looking for. Following the audition, Chance relocated to Gloucester, Virginia to join the band full time. Brian had been playing with Brandon Clarke , a drummer from Mathews, Virginia on and off for 5 years. They decided to give him a call, which led to a practice session and, by 2007, the band was complete. Since then, Standing Ground has achieved a multitude of accomplishments in the small amount of time they have been together. They’ve been covered by local press, had radio play on 99.1 FM in Gloucester, 98.7 FM Homegrown in Chesapeake and 100.5 FM Locals Lounge in Virginia Beach. They are now being played on K94 Rocks and Cygnus Worldwide Internet Radio Stations. The band has been featured by web sites such as Sapere Productions, K94 Rocks Promotions Page, and Anthem Entertainment. They have also been the featured band of the month on K94rocks.com Internet Radio. On OurStage.com, a site where the fans decide the best music in head on competitions, Standing Ground’s music has consistently placed high in the ratings for Overall, United States, and Southeastern Regions, often being the number one for Virginia and the Southeast.

Everyone But Pete

Falls Church, Virginia
United States

With only 3 years under their belt, Washington, DC-based Everyone But Pete (EBP) has accomplished more than most bands could hope for in such a short period of time. With the help of a concrete fan base, EBP has sold over 2,000 copies of their debut self-titled EP, headlined shows outside of the United States, been featured on two of the area’s biggest rock radio stations for both in-studio interviews and acoustic performances, and played nationally accredited venues including the 9:30 Club and Nissan Pavilion. Since their formation in mid 2004, EBP has quickly become a staple in DC’s local music community. A nomination for WUSA 9’s A-List top local band and winning DC-101’s LBS competition just one year after their conception affirmed both their talent and success. LBS earned them the coveted prize, sought by 200 other local DC area bands; an opening slot to play for over 15,000 people, while sharing the stage with national acts including Hoobastank and Better than Ezra. Their second release, entitled Carry On, represents the keenness EBP has for their future. Making stops in New York, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, EBP regularly tours up and down the east coast. With evergrowing support and devotion from fans, and certain dynamism in their live shows, EBP is well on their way to a permanent impact on the rock music genre.