The Begats

Lincoln, Nebraska
United States

Formed in December 2012 after a mutual friend (Jacob Serres) brought them together, The Begats hail from Norfolk, Nebraska. Their mission – to spread good vibes across the land via their music!

Collin Heller has always believed that “without music, I would be nothing.” As the son of a popular local radio personality,  Collin was exposed to a variety of musical styles during his youth. He began playing tenor saxophone in junior high school. As a member of several bands, Collin developed his musical skills by playing a variety of styles ranging from heavy metal to ska. He continues to hone his craft as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Collin’s lifeblood is music. “The Begats in where I’ve found my truck calling as a musician. The music that Matthew and I create is electrifying!”

Matthew Teeslink was born to be a performer. He developed his vocal skills during countless choir concerts and high school musicals. During those formative years,  Matthew discovered that “home” was performing on stage in front of a crowd. Surprisingly, Matthew did not begin playing guitar until his senior year in high school. He soon taught himself to play ukulele, banjo and mandolin. Matthew is an accomplished vocalist and multi – instrumentalist whose passion to perform and create music continues to grow.

The Rascal Theory

Madison, Wisconsin
United States

The enigmatic and mysterious Roscoe “Doc” Foster emerged from a band of traveling gypsies in 2009 and formed a multicultured musical army we now come to call The Rascal Theory. A prolific songsmith on one hand, and a dynamic showman on the other, Roscoe is the architect of the “groovalicioussoulsound” that lies at the hub of Rascal nation. From 2010’s New Frequency release to 2015’s Wings EP, Roscoe has continued to create music that crosses genres and generations alike. He cites a diverse set of musicians that influence him, from Muddy Waters and Prince to The Rolling Stones and Incubus.


Linwood “Woody” Riley has been recognized as one of Chicago’s most reliable “Pocket” Drummers, since he first sat behind the church set at Rising Star M.B. Church in 1991. Co-founder of The Rascal Theory (trt) since 1988, Woody officially “joined” trt Live in 2013 when he moved to Baraboo, WI. Since then until 2015, Woody has also sat in for performances with various genre artist like Beretta, Dover Court, Fur Coats for Sportsman, Old Black Joe, and others. Most of Woody’s accomplishments are behind the scenes; producing, mixing, and arranging the music of trt.


Dan “Spiffy” Neuman has been playing organ since middle school, and guitar since kindergarten.  He finally found his niche as a session musician with r&b and gospel groups, and has been traveling the US as such since 2005.  Dan, or “Spiffy” as he is often known, has appeared on albums with artists ranging from Ricky Dillard to Paris Bennett, shared the stage with Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond to Keyshia Cole and Bootsy Collins, and appeared on national television with Byron Cage, Brent Jones, and many others.  He is a member of national gospel recording artist Brent Jones & the TP Mobb.  Dan continues to travel the country both as a group member and session musician.  He is a staff musician at the Gospel Music Workshop of America, which hosts all major gospel and Christian artists and provides a platform to up and coming artists and musicians.  Dan also serves as organist at Capital City Church of God in Christ in his hometown of Madison, WI, and contributes to several local funk, r&b, and hip hop groups.  Dan is grateful to use his gifts to play, teach, and minister through music.


Kevin has played with Johnny Neel, Marques Bovre, John Frazier, Bedhed and Blondy, Kevin Ball and the Busters, Billy and Amanda Contreras, Hamilton Hardin, Ryan Cavanaugh, and has shared the stage with Victor Wooten, Sam Bush, Chuck Rainey, Steve Bailey, and Bela Fleck, among others. Kevin attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a major in music composition. He received the UW choral composition and concerto competition prizes.  In the fall of 2009, Kevin moved to Nashville, TN where he lived as a freelance musician until moving back to Madison in ’12.


Todd has been playing music since the age of 7 when he took up guitar, then bass at 15, then finally finding his true musical passion in the Hammond organ at 18. Now 44, he has been playing with The Blue Olives since 2008 as well as playing with Mad City Funk and other artists. He also does session work and plays occasional Sundays at Blackhawk Church in Madison. He enjoys collecting and working on vintage Hammond organs and vintage stereo equipment, and is an avid photographer as well. He works in IT by day and lives in Mount Horeb with his wife (a veterinary technician) and a menagerie of dogs and other animals.


Kansas City, Missouri
United States

There is word and there is The Word.
The essence of time and the essence of life and the essence of these empty and subjectless words: the essence of a Sunday countryside drive before air conditioning, when there was still a mad truth of freedom vibrating these valleys and hills.
We are Nick Bowers, Jacob Kroesen, Ethan Eckert, and Dylan Young and we like to play music and love for people to listen. Call us Of.

Lizzie Weber

St. Louis, Missouri
United States

St. Louis-based singer/songwriter Lizzie Weber released her eponymous debut album in January of 2014. The album has been described as “lushly orchestral” by Eleven Magazine and “personal, powerful, and, at times, perfect” by No Depression. Infusing her theatrical training with elements of both folk and pop, Weber’s cinematic video for the record’s second single, “Falling Like Fools,” has now received recognition at six international film festivals; screening at Raindance International Film Festival in London, the Women’s Indepent Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA, and the Best Shorts Competition in La Jolla, CA. In February of this year, the video was selected as one of ten finalists at the One Film Festival in New York City out of thousands of submissions around the world, and is set to screen in September at the Inshorts Film Festival in London.  Additionally, Huffington Post featured the music video and named the single “your favorite new song about heartbreak.” In January, she was on the cover of the Riverfront Times, who named her one of six artist to watch in 2015.

Most recently, Weber co-wrote a song with her father for the documentary feature Caffeinated. “Vida Cafeinada” was written in Spanish and English, and is the title track for the film which has been premiering all over the world this summer.
Over the past year, Weber has shared the stage with such revered songwriters as Ryan Montbleau, Tiny Ruins, Crystal Bowersox, and Marketa Irglova (The Swell Season/Once). She is currently preparing to record her second album.
From the classic Motown hits all the way to Eminem’s worldwide success, Detroit continues to convince the world that there must be something in the water…and The Scenery has clearly been drinking plenty of it.  The 4-piece Motor City miracle was formed in January of
2008 in Mesa, Arizona, where they began writing and recording their first 7-song EP Motion Creates Emotion with producer/engineer Justin Salter (Snoop Dogg, Jonas Brothers, Lil’ Wayne, Alicia Keys).  Following the departure from his previous band Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Justin immediately took interest in The Scenery’s unique and catchy songwriting ability while recording at The Saltmine Studios and eventually became a fifth member as their drummer from 2008-2010.  
As a result of their growing success in the west, the band moved to Lost Angeles in the fall of 2011 to write their 6-song EP It’s Only Weather, which was later produced and engineered by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Versa Emerge) at The Wade Studio in Ocala, FL.  Shortly after the release of their EP in 2012, the band took to the road on their first full U.S. tour promoting It’s Only Weather which created a large amount of national attention in the indie/pop scene, selling out 4 consecutive hometown shows at The Modern Exchange in Southgate, MI.
In late summer 2015 the band will release their debut album titled “Gossip”, produced by Bryan Beeler (Chiodos, Cinematic Sunrise, The Swellers).  The 10-song full length will be available for only a dollar through all major online retailers and remaining donations will go to charitable organizations including child Autism and The American Heart Association.  The mainstream pop album “explains every single aspect of life in a way that keeps things from ever getting too serious,” says lead singer Anthony Daraban.  With some reviews comparing the music to today’s top pop hit makers such as One Direction, Katy Perry and 5SOS, The Scenery is continuing to progress in a way that puts them on track to be one of the most listened to bands this year. 

The Scenery

Detroit, Michigan
United States

Perry Project

Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States

Tracy Perry Jr formed Perry Project on Myspace in 2007 while staying in Seattle for a means to seek out other musicians and to form a band. While searching for bandmates Tracy continued to pick up his cheap electric guitar, writing songs on his own and fell in love with the songwriting process. Perry Project eventually became a solo acoustic act with occasionally other musicians joining him on stage.

Can’t Steal Soul has been a work in progress for over 10 years and Tracy has a lot of personal experiences to pull from. Be it his days living in the Mojave Desert in Ridgecrest, CA, to serving active duty in the US Air Force where he made his music heard loud and clear while stationed in Tampa, FL.

His love for creating music has never let up and in 2013 he knew it was time to finally record his first album. With money saved up from his deployments and a little luck, he found a producer who understood his style and really liked his songs. Currently residing in Minneapolis, MN Tracy has finally finished his first full-length album titled “Can’t Steal Soul” which was released on May 27, 2014 and Produced by Davide Raso (Devanāgarī, Stacy Lee, Devon Worley) and Mastered by Joe LaPorta (Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters, Beach House).

Most recently Perry Project has formed into a more serious band who started playing their first live shows as a 6 piece in 2015.

Stay tuned…

Tracy Perry: Lead Vocals / Rhythm Acoustic Guitar
Dan Desy: Lead / Rhythm Guitar
LeAnn Crowe: Keys
Matt Anderson: Bass Guitar
Corey Rehwaldt: Drums
Stafford Christensen: Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Kingly T

Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

Reggae artist Kingly T. began his musical journey Kingston, Jamaica. It was there that he served as a guitarist for an outfit known as Ninja Force. Kingly T. and other legendary musicians from the band helped usher in the 90’s music culture and what would be the new face of lyrically driven, uplifting soul and reggae. It is this past experience and his travels throughout a number of different countries including Japan, Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean that has helped produce a unique sound and dedication to spreading a positive message.

After finally settling in the United States, Kingly T. attempted to find a group of like-minded musicians before deciding to pursue a solo career. His first album “Unity” experienced commercial success in 2007, and Kingly T began to fuse his reggae sound with elements of jazz, soul, and other genres. Upon crafting his new style, he released his following album titled “Rock It With Me” in 2010 and two singles in 2011 titled “Eastward Bound” and “Jah Blessing.” These breakthrough tracks cemented his new sound and exposed his style to a wealth of listeners via international radio. Following his new level of worldwide exposure, Kingly T. recently released his third studio album titled “Live The Life” in Spring 2013.

Focusing on a positive message backed by lyrical intelligence and original arrangements, “Live The Life” presents all that Whittle has learned through his travels and the level of spirituality that he has been able to reach along the way. At the heart of his new album is above all, the ability to create a mood recorded at various studios throughout the world. The album shines with diversity. “Live The Life” provides listeners with clean music, promoting love and spirituality. He has recently performed in Zimbabwe [October 12 2013], where his very energetic and captivating performance had the people asking for a repeat show.

Kingly T’s plans: The release of a new album in Spring/Summer 2015, a number of recording projects and collaborations with international producers and artists, and a US tour. Check out “Live The Life” on outlets including Amazon, CD Baby and iTunes, and learn more about the uplifting sound and mentality of Kingly T.


iTunes page(https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kingly-t/id2683879

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kinglyt


Boise, Idaho
United States

Urquides is a band based in Boise, Idaho. Urquides began as a solo project for singer/guitarist Ricardo Osuna to explore the relationship between the cultures of his native Mexico and current home in the American Northwest.

In a matter of months, Urquides grew to a six-person ensemble, drawing on the talent, influences and styles of a diverse group of collaborators.

A project of the Green Zoo Arts Collective, the music of Urquides explores the complexities of culture and identity through narratives in both Spanish and English.

The band’s sound has been described as danceable yet melancholy – incorporating acoustic and electronic drums, dreamy synthesizer, syncopated guitar and vocal harmony to create an intricately layered musical style.

A Band Named Ashes

Cleveland, Ohio
United States

A Band Named Ashes recently released a full length album titled Asleep On These Feet, Again. You can purchase the album on iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby. The band’s past full length releases include albums Circles and Love Me If You Can.

Four tracks from Asleep On These Feet, Again and Circles are attached–all of which have received radio play.

The band is currently in the studio working on an upcoming EP that will be released this summer, as well as a full length record scheduled for release next October.


Phoenix, Arizona
United States

Keaton Bongiorno and Charles Christian met in April of 2011 with an instant musical connection and decided to form a band.  They knew they never wanted to be put into just one genre, but wanted to incorporate numerous styles of music into their work.  For two years Keaton and Charles got together on a regular basis, jamming, working on their sound, and writing songs.  In April of 2013 Keaton and Charles wanted to record an original piece that required a female vocalist.  Charles recommended his long-time friend, Rachel Brownand there was an undeniable blend.  The three of them knew they had something different and had a gut feeling that forming a band together was the right decision.

In March of 2014 UFN played their first show at a local pub.  Shortly thereafter UFN was asked to join the Epic Proportions Tour  in August and September of 2014, to bring UFN’s style of music to high schools and colleges throughout California and Arizona.  The end of 2014 brought big opportunities as they competed in & won Alice Cooper’s annual Proof Is In the Pudding competition, earning the chance to play at Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding at Comerica Theatre with Alice himself, Night Ranger, & others.  Finally in November of that same year, they welcomed their newest member Chris Marchant, completing the full sound of the band.
Since then, UFN has been performing, rehearsing, & writing constantly.  Combining their three-part harmonies with their varying writing styles, UFN’s music forming the versatile fusion of Vibe Rock.